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Chase Parsons
Chase Parsons shared Blackfish Gear's post.3 days ago
If you haven’t tried the new Blackfish gear yet, here’s a cool opportunity! Amazing stuff!
Chase Parsons
Chase Parsons shared Mercury Marine's post.3 days ago
Awesome stuff...
Chase Parsons
Mercury Marine
Mercury Marine introduces multiple new 4.6L V-8 outboard engine models – the 250 and 300hp Verado®, 250 and 300hp FourStroke, and 200, 225, 250 and 300hp Pro XS® – plus the Pro XS® 175hp 3.4L V-6. These next-generation outboard engines are part of the largest single new-product development program Mercury has undertaken in its nearly 80-year-history. Read more at #GoBoldly
Chase Parsons
Chase Parsons4 days ago
Well, of the very few days a year we fish for bass, can’t imagine a better day. GP and I went out 38th place in the Sturgeon Bay Open but tides changed with 28.16 today. Ended up 3rd out of 130 boats. Not bad for a bunch of Walleye boys. 😜 #MercuryProTeam
Chase Parsons
Chase Parsons1 week ago
Aubrey Hoye and I were pretty darn lucky to have the best mom ever, growing up. She took us everywhere for sporting events, college tours (sorry about that mother lol) and now has become the most amazing grandma to both of our kids. I couldn’t imagine a better mom as she’s always supported us in anything we’ve done throughout our lives. So...Happy Mother’s Day Linda Shymanski! Bridget, the boys and I love you!
Chase Parsons
Chase Parsons is with Bridget Parsons.1 week ago
Happy Mother’s Day to the woman that reminds me every day that I out kicked my coverage. Thank you for everything that you do for our family, mainly keeping Landy on task 😜. We love you Bridget Parsons!
Chase Parsons
Chase Parsons2 weeks ago
Day 2 didn’t go as planned, knowing it was going to be tough with the massive cold front, I went out with the same plan as nothing in the box under 20”. The morning was slow with a few 15-18s going back and then I went into scramble mode hitting several other spots. My spots yielded the smallest fish I’d seen all week so finally at 1...sitting on zero, I boxed the next 5. 9.5lbs for 37th place, not the start I envisioned but none the less, still within striking distance in AOY. Put the Blackfish soft shell pants and Gale pullover to work under my BPS rain gear, an unbelievable combination in brutal conditions! Sturgeon Bay Open with the old man is next. 👍🏻 #MercuryProTeam


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