Figure Eight Execution

Boatside strikes from muskies are exciting! And, a real part of a complete muskie-fisher‰’s percentage game. A couple main considerations include that the ‰8‰ or ‰O‰ pattern must be as long and as wide as possible. Extension is key. Making wide ‰outside‰ turns is essential. This is where longer rods are extremely helpful. It‰’s why I designed a series of rods to include longer models to 8‰’ (with a new 8‰’6‰ on the way). It‰’s why the shortest rod I personally cast with is 7‰’ 6‰.

Consider that the outside corners are where 95 % of strikes will occur. They must be wide so big fish can actually be successful turning to grab. Always bring the presentation close to the boat as possible ‰ so the outside of the turn can be wide as possible. Be ready to set on the outside turns ‰ always set back into the fish if possible.