Patterning Muskies in Current

Current is another patterning factor for muskie location. There are basically two types of current. The first type is the current associated with flowing water in river systems and reservoirs. In general, there is often a pattern with fish relating to current edges. Especially so in heavy current, predators don‰’t necessarily want to fight the current to be there (they don’t like expending the energy to swim against it), but like to see what the current brings to them for food. They often hide behind structures that create edges or eddies such as boulders, downed trees, rock jetties, etc.

Wind-induced current is another factor that few anglers consider. This is caused by wind moving water (waves) into neck down areas (between points or islands). In these areas, water stacks up, resulting in back currents. These edges are often a real locational key. The longer the wind is steady from the same direction, the more of a factor it can be.