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The Next Bite crew spans all of North America in search of Walleye, Esox and other “Fish with Teeth”! From open water to ice fishing, the Great Lakes to small lakes and rivers; you’ll feel like you’re along in the boat, as champion tournament anglers Gary Parsons, Keith Kavajecz and Chase Parsons explain the finer points of how to get the most out of the latest tackle, boating and electronics. Prepare to upgrade your fishing game with both new, innovative and also, classic techniques to help you get your, “Next Bite”!

42 seconds ago
Since it's #Shivertime, here's a quick vid on how we structure our cadence!
4 days ago
If there's one post to share, THIS IS IT.

According to the CDC, drowning is the #1 cause of death for children ages 1-4. We can prevent this!

Every child. Every boat. Every time.
4 days ago
Last Mountain Lake was so good to Keith Kavajecz... Watch and learn about the Shiver Minnow, how it works, and just LOOK AT THOSE MASSIVE WALLEYES!


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