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Chase Parsons
Chase Parsons added 2 new photos.23 hours ago
Nine years ago today, was one of the best days of my life...Happy Anniversary to the one who truly holds the fort down, Bridget Parsons. Love you babe!
Chase Parsons
Chase Parsons shared Blackfish Gear's post.3 days ago
Phenomenal soft shell...was super impressed with it this past spring!
Chase Parsons
Chase Parsons2 weeks ago
Looking for one of these each day, starting on we go! #MercuryProTeam #offshoretackle
Chase Parsons
Chase Parsons added 3 new photos.2 weeks ago
Happy Birthday to The Godfather of Walleye...GP! Kicking strong for another year! We all love ya!
Chase Parsons
Chase Parsons1 month ago
Such a great TNB shoot on Leech a few weeks ago...this girl wasn’t even the closer. #MercuryProTeam
Chase Parsons
Chase Parsons added 4 new photos.2 months ago
This kid...hes definitely my mini me. Today he turns 5 and sometimes he acts 15. We wouldnt want it any other way and its impossible to tell you how much we love you, Landon! Happy Birthday from Daddy, Mommy, Logan and your fur pups.


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